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Searching For Sun – Let’s Go Higher

How high? At 450 metres the sun was shining in a bluebird sky. Any higher? At 600 metres snow began to cover the road. At the highest? At 2,350 metres for 360 degrees the sun was a balmy 10 Celsius … Continue reading

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Stairs

Cee’s fun foto challenge for this week is stairs. One of my favorite memories of walking the El Camino was spending the afternoon exploring the Templar castle in Ponferrada, Spain. I became so lost in the exploration of the castle when strolling … Continue reading

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My Favorite Benches

Ailsa from Where’s My Backpack weekly theme is benches. My favorite benches: I am a book junkie and the library is one of my favorite places to visit on my lunch hour. This bench is featured in a small garden … Continue reading

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Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – # 21 Look Up

Although winter is relinquishing its grasp and the snow is hard, crusty and dirty. I look forward to the warming temperatures and the greening of the trees and the earth surrounding them. As my farewell to winter, I want to … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge is “Forward”. As a pilgrim hiking the El Camino, sighting an arrow (usually yellow) was a welcome sign that I was heading in the right direction. Following are a few unique arrows pointing the … Continue reading

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“Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – Green!”

I am going “green” for the wild weekly photo challenge.

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Shadow and Light – A Metaphor for Life

Wow! It is seldom that I have a weekend which is ideal for temperature, a cloudless cerulean sky and a warming winter sun. I could not let the day slip away without enjoying nature and to capture a few moments … Continue reading

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Tracking In My Backyard

I have been back on Canadian soil for two weeks. It has taken two weeks to get back into the work routine, as well as, adapting to jet lag and allowing the body clock to readjust. Today I was able … Continue reading

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Santiago – As a tourist

Today was a holiday in Santiago and the weather gods must have wanted everyone to be happy because the sun was shining when I opened the shutters this morning. Being a holiday there was limited public transportation and facilities open … Continue reading

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Santiago de Compostela – After the Credential

I awoke to rain yet again but I wanted to tour the cathedral and attend the pilgrim’s 12 noon mass. By the time I was ready to venture out the rain had stopped and I was able to capture some … Continue reading

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