My Favorite Benches

Ailsa from Where’s My Backpack weekly theme is benches.

My favorite benches:

I am a book junkie and the library is one of my favorite places to visit on my lunch hour. This bench is featured in a small garden by the main entrance.
Library Bench

I often walk along Mark Creek and there are two benches where I can rest in solitude and listen to the sounds of nature and the bubbling of the creek.

The last bench that I enjoy using is on the Butte about a forty-five minute hike from the highway. The bench sits under an ancient tree and provides a magnificent view of Mt. Fisher and the Steeples if the cloud cover is not obstructing their view. A wonderful place to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The tree, the bench and the view

The tree, the bench and the view

About journeyingjoyously

Mother, ESL mentor, enjoys the beauty of nature, strives to elicit gratitude, joy and bliss day by day while on the adventure of being human.
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4 Responses to My Favorite Benches

  1. The last picture would be my most favorite place to sit and contemplate the landscape. Gorgeous place.

  2. Don says:

    What a magnificent place simply to sit and think. The mountain looks exquisite and the tree just says it all. Just a wonderful sense of symbolism in that image.

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