Shadow and Light – A Metaphor for Life


Wow! It is seldom that I have a weekend which is ideal for temperature, a cloudless cerulean sky and a warming winter sun. I could not let the day slip away without enjoying nature and to capture a few moments of wonder and joy.

With the guidance and company of a hiking friend, we set out to enjoy part of Trickle Creek golf course and the nature trails in the surrounding area. Although the sun was shining we were walking through areas of shadow and light as the sun peeked through the trees. It was interesting to watch the light and shadows change depending on the paths taken.

Shadow and light – changing









Our journey through life can be a metaphor of shadow and light. We thrive and our happiness is the greatest when everything in our world is moving along smoothly on a high. But, as we journey along the shadows creep in. Sometimes it is hard to believe that there is light to be found. Those of you struggling with the shadows, keep walking. Some days the feet will feel heavy and the trudging so very hard. Keep moving, just one step at a time, sometimes small, other times with a lighter step. Soon you will be once again in the light. Just remember that there is beauty, wonder and moments of joy to be found in the shadows, only harder to recognize. Trust the process and keep taking footsteps.

Today, there was humongous moments of wonder, joy and beauty in the shadows and light.


About journeyingjoyously

Mother, ESL mentor, enjoys the beauty of nature, strives to elicit gratitude, joy and bliss day by day while on the adventure of being human.
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