September 12 – Response from the truckers

One item that did not get posted with yesterday blog. After the delicious supper of broccoli and potato soup, a mixed salad, rice and beans, and everyone was relaxing, Miro went out to his car and returned with this HUGE jug of this amber liquid. Acacio filled a pitcher about half full with this amber liquid and brought it to the table. This was home stilled wine from a white grape. I don’t know the proof but I would guess the proof was at least 80 %. I only had a couple swallows – it was very smooth and very potent. After our sampling, the singing and laughter got louder. Everyone did sleep very well. Miro who had a bunk opposite me was asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.

Our wake up call was 7 am. After a continental breakfast, Kathy and I bid Orietta farewell with a big hug and a thank you for taking care of us. We left the Albergue in hope of walking 18.6 kms for the day ending at Albergue San Anton Abad in the village of Villafranca Montes de Oca.

The day was overcast and was beautiful for walking. This area of Spain reminds me of the foothills around Sundre with the rolling hills and agriculture is the main occupation of the residents of the area.

For about 10 kms, we followed a path parallel to the highway. My challenge for the day was to wave to all the truckers and see how many responded with a toot of the horn. So, Joe, I can joyfully say that I received 16 “little toot toots” and 5 times truckers responded with a train whistle toot.

As we were about to cross the highway before entering the town of Belorado, I recognized the backpack of a person who had just crossed the road. I called out to Paivy and she turned and waited for us to catch up. The three of is stopped for a cafe con leche at an albergue just entering the town of Belorado. We rested our feet and had a bathroom break then set out again.
The street art in the main path was outstanding. Also, in this street they had a hand and foot print of famous people from this village.



20120912-152700.jpgSpain’s famous Olympic cyclist
We followed a fairly flat terrain passing thru villages where the church was the focal point in the village. We stopped again in the village of Villambistia where we took a longer break with a bocadillo tortilla francesa which is an egg omelette between two pieces of baguette and more cafe con leche. Just as we were getting ready to leave, Paivy sat down for a rest.

It was close to 1 pm when we checked in to this Albergue. The distance of 18 kms is enough for me and I am happy to relax for the rest of the day. I plan to do the same distance tomorrow with the hope I can be in Burgos by Friday.

Just as I am getting ready to post this day, Gabrielle, Elena and Rogerio walked into the Albergue. It was nice to see them. We will catch up after they refreshing showers. Rogerio and I sat in the computer area and caught up on our journeys. Rogerio, Paivy, Kathy, Ancerio from Austria and I shared a table for dinner.

Off for an early night as there is some elevation gain in the first part of tomorrow’s journey.

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Mother, ESL mentor, enjoys the beauty of nature, strives to elicit gratitude, joy and bliss day by day while on the adventure of being human.
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