Back On Track For This Day – September 11, 2012

It is really surprising that 21 kms can slip by very quickly with the inter city bus and 1.50€. Kathy and I caught the 7:45 am bus from Najera to Santo Domingo de Calzada. Just as we were leaving the bus, I bumped into Janet who was taking the bus to Burgos as she was not feeling very well and wanted some rest.

Kathy and I set out from Santo Domingo de Calzada heading to Viloria de la Rioja. The first six kilometers was an easy walk. We passed from the Rioja vineyards into the Province of Burgos.

This area is rolling hills and again crops of sunflowers and grain. There is sheep, pig and cow farming. As we were walking the road, I passed Paivy and she was feeling much better and had paid for a hotel room the previous night where it was quiet and she was able to get some rest. We stopped in Granon for coffee and a rest. We were able to go into the church as it was open.

At coffee, I talked with Aussie Joy and she was stopping for the day as she had feet problems and had been told to do less distance. She was going to visit the sister colony a short distance from the village and then spending the night on mattresses on the church floor.

Another ten kilometers and we arrived at our Albergue for the night and the time was 12:15 pm and the Albergue did not open until 1 pm. The website is: Albergue is located in Viloria de la Rioja and is the birthplace of Saint Dominic.This Albergue is managed by Acacio and Orietta.Acacio is very involved with the Jocabeo Association which has improved the markings, pathways and the albergues along the way. The benefactor for this Albergue is Paulo Coelho who completed the El Camino in 1986. In that year only 400 pilgrims completed the French Way. This September – not yet completed – 400 pilgrims have started their pilgrimage. Paulo Coelho based his novel The Pilgrimage on his own journey.

We had a wonderful communal supper. Everyone introduced themselves and the reason for walking the El Camino. Miro, a personal friend of Acacio and Orietta regaled us with stories and singing. It was truly a delightful evening.


My dear friend Liz reminded me in an email that I had not been very joyful lately. So, today, I’m grateful for:

Being able to sleep late the last few mornings.
My feet are feeling better.
A wonderful afternoon of rest and relaxation.
That there is no planning for the unexpected; you just need to adapt and make a new plan.

About journeyingjoyously

Mother, ESL mentor, enjoys the beauty of nature, strives to elicit gratitude, joy and bliss day by day while on the adventure of being human.
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3 Responses to Back On Track For This Day – September 11, 2012

  1. quiltgirl40 says:

    Glad to hear you did not lose your joy! It is very encouraging when you list them, it reminds us to count our daily blessings!

  2. I know. Sometimes I am so annoyed or angry that I forget to be grateful that I am able to enjoy this wonderful experience.

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