September 6 – Puente La Reina to Villatuerta

The skies were just beginning to lighten as I started my day with Janet and Rogerio at 6:55. We had to walk thru the town, and, of course, stopped at the first bar open for a cafe con leche. We crossed the famous bridge created for pilgrims.

Leaving the city behind, I stopped and looked back to watch the sun crest the hill as it hearlded the start of a new day.

The first part of the path was steep and rough and as the day warmed proved to be tough with each step. Of course, when you go up, the downward path wound thru vineyards to Maneru where we enjoyed a short break and another cafe con leche. I did not want to walk as many kms as yesterday and set my stopping point at a city named Villatuerta because the guide book had indicated that the Aubergue La Casa Magica offered massages and foot care. I thought this would be a good ending point for my day. Rogerio and Janet were in agreement. At the next village, Cirauqui, the path was on the original 2,000 year old Roman road. This path passed many Roman ruins and bridges. The day grew very warm very quickly and the five kilometers to Lorca were hot and tiring. Rogerio and I had lost Janet as she wanted to have a bit more of a break at Cirauqui. My feet were hot and tired, so Rogerio and I stopped at Lorca where I was able to take my boots off, change socks and let my feet have a little rest while I had what is called a Bodilla something made with eggs and potatoes. Rogerio stopped to add water to his camel bak but I wanted to press onward looking forward to the massage. The last 4.7 kms to Villatuerta were tough as it was nowin thehigh 20’s with not trees to offer shade. I fell in step with Kevin, from London who had stayed the night at the church in Eunate. He also was going to stop at Villatuerta. We arrived at 1:25 pm. Simone checked us in. This Aubergue is outstanding. My room has only two bunk beds and two small alcoves each with a bed. I have one of these alcoves. But, the massage I was so hoping for was no longer available. So, after a quick shower and another quick trip to the supermarket which was closing a 2 pm for siesta, I put my hot and tired feet to soak in an epsom and vinegar bath while I had sardines for lunch. There were hammocks to lay in or a lovely shaded patio for relaxing?

20120906-185447.jpgRogerio,Lydia and Janet relaxing
Supper was a vegetarian paella made by Manuel.


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Mother, ESL mentor, enjoys the beauty of nature, strives to elicit gratitude, joy and bliss day by day while on the adventure of being human.
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1 Response to September 6 – Puente La Reina to Villatuerta

  1. Jan says:

    The paella looks scrumshes and huge i would love to eat it.the picture of the canal is fabulous and staggering. The hammocks look really antique. con leche sounds terific. The pictures look terrific especialy the one of the sun


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