Sarria – The Last Leg Begins

The bells at the Monastery of Samos were peeling eight bells as I left Albergue Val de Samos (one of the nicest on the Camino) on my way to Sarria which is the starting point of the last leg of the Camino. In order to qualify for a credential you must have a stamp from each albergue in the village/city you stay until you reach Santiago. It will also be very busy on the paths as several routes converge here going toward Santiago.

The route from Samos to Sarria was very tranquil and most enjoyable. Again, I was walking through shaded groves of chestnut and oak trees. Only six pilgrims passed me. There were no bars along this stretch so I did not have any cafe con leche.

20121005-204055.jpgThe surrounding landscape was again pastoral. The only sounds I could hear were the birds, the roosters crowing, the bells from the grazing cows and the occasional tractor out in the field harvesting corn.

It was 13.8 kms to Sarria and it is the last two that always seem the longest. The first bar was at San Mamed del Camino where the Samos path mets the original Camino Frances path. By this time, I only had 2.5 kms to go, so I trudged onward. The path at this point was also much busier with pilgrims scurrying along. To me Sarria does not have the weathered look of some of the other cities. The old part does not seem as interesting. There is a remnant of a castle turret but I could not get access.



I did enjoy the stroll along the river. The one tough spot was climbing the 48 steps back up to the albergue. I would like to know why many of these villages and cities are always on levels and there is so much climbing especially when I am so tired???



Onward to Santiago.

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1 Response to Sarria – The Last Leg Begins

  1. Kathy says:

    Just over 100km to go, and the paths will be lovely through forests. Enjoy this last stage and buen camino, Joy!

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