Ponferrada and the Templar Castle – 547.3 kms Completed

We left our albergue in Acebo at 7:30 am. You could just barely find the yellow arrows as we left this tiny hillside village. The trek today was going to be all downhill. About 3 kms down the road, I was able to get this awesome sunrise shot with the roadside cross in silhouette.


The trail left the road and winded down the hillside. The going was tough as there was loose rock and large rock that had to be traversed. The landscape was beautiful. It reminded me a lot of Creston and Okanagan. Lots of orchards and vineyards.


<a The python burl
The last section of downhill into the town of Molinaseca was extremely steep and the going was slow.

Molinaseca was a charming village where we had brunch and a rest before heading to our final destination of Ponferrada.


It was almost 3 pm by the time we reached Ponferrada. Thankfully siesta was happening, so we had time for a short rest and shower before we toured the old town and the Templar Castle. Enjoy the pictures as it was truly outstanding to walk thru and around,








One picture that I was able to capture was of a group of elderly people sitting in the plaza people watching but also shading their faces from the afternoon sun. Too cute!

And, one last picture of the castle with the full moon rising,


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  1. Jan says:

    The pictures are amazing and document is short an d interesting.

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