Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – # 32 The Beach

This week I am going to follow through with the intent. The Wild Weekly Photo Challenge # 32 is “The Beach”

I find a week passes so very quickly. I had intentions of entering # 31 Scent but by the time I thought about what to post and actually making an effort to post, the Wednesday deadline had come and gone.

By posting today I am just squeaking under the wire. I enjoy the beach. The beach can provide solitude and a time for reflection. Also, the music of the water – both gentle and rhythmic and yet, too, the darker side filled with force and power calls to my spirit sometimes calming and other times energizing.

The beach is also sustaining. For the locals, the beach is a necessity. It can be the place where fishing boats unload their catch. Food can be gathered and transported, as well as, a gathering place to exchange stories and adventures. The following pictures were taken along the beach in Zanzibar.

About journeyingjoyously

Mother, ESL mentor, enjoys the beauty of nature, strives to elicit gratitude, joy and bliss day by day while on the adventure of being human.
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3 Responses to Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – # 32 The Beach

  1. They are all lovely, but I love the last one best!

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