Let’s Be Wild – Weekly Photo Challenge # 20 Sunrise

I am participating in the online adventure travel and photography magazine Let’s Be Wild‘s, Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers. This week’s challenge is # 20 Sunrise. My photos are of the sunrise atop Mount Sinai, January 1, 2010. I hiked up Mount Sinai by the light of a full blue moon. It was an unforgettable night and a glorious way to usher in a new year.

Blush of Sun

Blush of the Sun

First Rays of Sun

A Peak of the First Rays

As Sun Rises Blue Moon Sets

As the sun rises a blue moon sets

Starting down

Starting down

About journeyingjoyously

Mother, ESL mentor, enjoys the beauty of nature, strives to elicit gratitude, joy and bliss day by day while on the adventure of being human.
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8 Responses to Let’s Be Wild – Weekly Photo Challenge # 20 Sunrise

  1. Daisy Prado says:

    Sunrises are beautiful. 🙂 The best sunrise I ever saw was while hiking down the Grand Canyon. I would say the sunset was even better! Love the blog. Now following! 🙂

  2. Imelda says:

    I love how the sun changes the colors of the world as it rises. Beautiful captures. 🙂

  3. number three is my favorite.. the moon and the sunlight.. good work! z

  4. Shannon says:

    Nice way to show the series of how the sun rises.

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